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How to Fix “This app cant open” Error in Windows 10

FixWin 10 is a free utility that helps you fix most of the common Windows 10 issues. This standalone utility can fix about fifty Windows 10 problems. For instance, if the Settings app doesn’t open, you can use it to reset the Settings app to resolve the issue. But, in some cases, no matter how many tools you try, your Windows just won’t work as before. For situations like that, we always recommend more potent solutions like Windows Restore or Factory Reset.

  • This could fix the problem, as it automatically installs the working device driver and removes anything that may have interfered with the device itself.
  • When invalid value for registry error happens, launch Picture Recovery after installed it on your PC.
  • Any problems found by this command will be fixed automatically at the end of the scan.

So, if you made any changes or were trying to get a cheat code to work, it might corrupt game files and call for repair in Windows 10. Chkdsk /f is a Command Prompt command that is used to check a target drive on your computer and fix any hard drive errors it detects. Apart from chkdsk f, chkdsk /r is also commonly used to detect sectors on the hard drive and recovers any information still intact. If you need any help when using MiniTool software, you may contact us via .

Click the checkbox of the files and folders that you want to recover and then click the ‘Recover’ button. Select what files you want to recover from the given options and click ‘Next’. Connect the affected hard drive to the system via USB port and launch the program. Follow the below steps to run CHKDSK on your affected hard disk. If there is an issue with the hard Code 38 drive, it is shown here otherwise you see all drives are working properly. Halo Infinite comes with a lot of DLCs files yet many of them does not work well in beta version of Steam. Some users have suggested that disabling few specific DLC files like Multiplayer High-Res Textures.

How do I restore registry settings?

You have got the fix for the error Corrupt user profile on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 after reading. If you have other problems, you can read the following questions and answers. Click either “Keep my files” or “Remove everything,” depending on whether you want to keep your data files intact. Either way, all of your settings will return to their defaults and apps will be uninstalled.

Unless you’re getting the error on a laptop, in which case you should always go to the laptop manufacturer’s website. The video drivers provided by the chipset or hardware manufacturer may not include the customized features. Although runtime errors can appear with various error codes, you can deal with most of those errors using the solutions above. Go through the above fixes one by one and let us know which one worked for you in the comments below. To uninstall a program, press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog, type in appwiz.cpl, and press Enter. It’s normal for the process to appear stuck at times.

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The last method for you is to reset Windows system. You can adopt this method if all the above are useless to you operating system errors. Here is how to fix broken registry items in Windows 10 by resetting Windows system.

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